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Frequently Asked Questions:

    •  What is Dealsealer?
    • Dealsealer is an innovative service that helps connect its users to the stores, trades, in fact, anybody selling anything.
    •  Who is it for?
    • Dealsealer is for everybody. As a buyer, you can find what you’re looking for in a pinch. As a seller, you can connect with customers you never knew you had.
    •  How does it work?
    • Dealsealer is simple. As a buyer, you can submit requests for products or services you are looking for, and the website will automatically notify all businesses that can help you. As a business it is just as easy to connect to your potential customers. Simply specify what products/services you specialise in and the site will do the rest. That's it. You will have new leads appear the instant a buyer requests a product/service you have to offer.
    •  Does dealsealer make any profit from sealed deals?
    • No, we don't make any profit from transactions made between buyers and sellers.
    •  Can I participate as both a buyer and a seller?
    • Of course! All accounts by default are a buyer account. If you wish to also be a seller, you will just need to supply a valid ABN, business contact details and any relevant licences (where applicable)

For Sellers

    •  How can I upgrade my account?
    • You can upgrade your account within the site at various pages, or give us a call on 1800 660 714 and we'll help you out.
    •  What does upgrading my account give me?
    • As a seller, you can make a limited amount of offers to customers each day/month on your free/lite account. If you find you're getting some good results, you can upgrade your account to give you more features, such as higher reply amounts, the ability to place ‘instant-deals’, and other cool stuff.
    •  How do ‘instant-deals’ work?
    • Instant Deals are ways you can quickly sell products and/or services to customers before they have even completed a request! Once you specify a particular product/service as an instant deal with a price, your deal pops up as a suggestion in various pages of the website, including a buyer's new request page. The user can then promptly accept your instant-deal like any other normal offer.

For Buyers

    •  Who can see my details?
    • As a buyer, you remain anonymous right up until you seal a deal with a business and exchange information relating to the sale. Your contact details are never revealed with anyone else.
    •  Can sellers see offers made by other sellers on my request?
    • Although your requests are visible in the site directory, only a summary is shown (title, location, budget). Only the number of offers made is publicly visible, only you can see the offers themselves, and the details pertaining to each.

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