Review Seller Features

Buyer Features

1Sending Requests

deal sealer rew request

Simple and efficient product and service requests.

Dealsealers' request wizard lets you get your request done and get on with your life.

deal sealer automatic sending

Automatically send requests to businesses.

Your requests are sent to all related businesses simultaneously. No more calling around comparing prices and looking for someone who can help you out.

2Comparing offers

deal sealer compare offers

Compare multiple offers on a product or service in one simple-to-use interface.

Each request you make shows all related offers in one place, so you can compare them all at a glance.

deal sealer compare offers 2

Sort offers by proximity, price and age.

Easy sorting and viewing of offers saves you time

3Sealing Deals

deal sealer sealing deals

See an offer that your happy with? Go ahead and seal it!

“Seal” an offer then and there and redeem your deal straight away.

4Want it now?

deal sealer sealing deals

Instant deals for people who want it now.

Don't want to compare offers? Find an instant deal on the product/service you are interested in and get it right away.