Review Buyer Features

Seller Features

1Define your Business

deal sealer rew request

Tell Dealsealer what you specialise in. It does the rest.

Simply tell Dealsealer what areas your business specialises in, and Dealsealer will intelligently connect you with customers searching for your products/services

deal sealer filter

Receive new leads to your account instantly

Whenever a customer requests a product/service you provide, Dealsealer automatically sends your business a 'lead'. You don't need to lift a finger!

2Reviewing Leads

deal sealer actions

Easily review, flag, respond or delete Leads

Easily sort the leads you receive to effectively review and respond to the valuable buyers.

You can flag leads you would like to view later, delete irrelevant leads and start communicating to buyers on the leads that you want. The delivery of leads is anonymous and buyers do not know you have them until you respond.

deal sealer make offer

Respond to new leads instantly

After you have reviewed your leads and chosen one that you would like to respond to simply click it and make an offer.

In the price field you can enter any value. If you need to request more information or price on arrival, just put it in this field to begin communicating with the buyer.

You can edit the details of your offer at any time to finalise.

3Sealing Deals

deal sealer notices

Receive instant notifications on new and existing leads

Dealsealer provides you with instant notifications on all your new and existing leads.

Notifications will let you know of any new unread leads, messages, or sealed deals instantly.

These notifications can be modified at any time to ensure you see any information you require.

4An Online Presence

deal sealer prfile

Your own business profile online

Give your business its own web presence with a profile your customers can interact with.

5Instant Deals

deal sealer instant

Upload Instant Deals for spontaneous purchasers

Gain even more sales with Dealsealer's Instant Deals.

Instant Deals give you the ability to sell either fixed price deals or provide buyers with voucher/coupons.

Specify all the details of the deal that suit your business and let the sellers seal them.

These instant deals are included in your membership and there is no commission or fees associated with them!