About Us

Dealsealer.com.au is all about convenience for the buyer and value for the seller facilitated through direct request and response communication. It is a connection to a world of products and services without extensive effort or research.

Buyers using dealsealer.com.au are afforded the ultimate shopping convenience and confidence with our unique product request system where they are given the opportunity to request exactly what they are looking for and get on with their day to day activities.

Subscribed sellers receive requests and are given the opportunity to reach their target markets and compete for business on a personal level, efficiently and cost effectively.

This targeted request and response communication creates a shopping experience that still maintains an element of traditional customer service. Dealsealer.com.au offers a ‘human’ experience. The seller is a real person communicating with the buyer and working for their business.

Product request results are not computer generated and are from registered businesses only, allowing the buyer confidence in the knowledge that the product or service is legitimate and the seller is working for them.

This online adaptation of a traditional shopping experience not only saves consumers valuable time spent travelling to various retail locations it also offers the convenience of choice, in terms of price point, brand and value without the effort of extensive research.

For sellers the advantage lies in the exposure and the reduction of overhead costs. In an industry that is already experiencing a decline in activity, dealsealer.com.au offers retailers the opportunity to capitalise on targeted requests without having to manage physical stores.

For the market who still like to window shop ‘Instant Deals’ are available in all categories allowing Sellers the opportunity to gain maximum sales activity beyond targeted requests with little or no effort required.